Business Improvement Discussion

The Business Improvement Discussion is an assessment tool used to identify areas of training that create the most dramatic impact on your company’s performance. The discussion is conducted in a 90-minute format facilitated by a Dale Carnegie Performance Coach.

The purpose of the Discussion is to identify the following:
• The strengths of the company and of the individuals who work in it.
•The changes that are occurring in the company and industry.
• The challenges that these changes create.
• Participants are shown how to turn the stress in their lives into positive outlets that improve performance. 

Information is compiled into Personal and Professional Effectiveness Areas and an Organizational Analysis that assess seven key business health indicators of the company.

 Leadership

 Communication

 Customer Service & Satisfaction

 Teamwork

 Sales & Marketing

 Initiative Taking

 Employee Satisfaction

The information collected can be useful in uncovering hidden needs of employees, identifying skill sets that need to be developed, and essential to designing and implementing customized corporate solutions for your company.

The assessment survey pinpoints areas where training will have the most dramatic impact.



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